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Glory to God in the Highest (Luke 2:8-20)

December 29, 2013 by Pito



   Christ the Lord became a man. He therefore knows what it’s like to be a human, from the inside. He told us that unless we become like little children, we cannot enter the Kingdom. He showed us what this means as He became a baby in Bethlehem.

   When He arrived the heavenly hosts of angels announced Him to the shepherds in the fields. Contrary to the world’s view, shepherds have a high place in the economy of God because God’s people need to be led into green pastures and beside still waters.

  Jesus, the Chief Shepherd, raises up under-shepherds to care for His flock, those who protect the sheep from their enemies, be they wolves in sheep clothing or sheep acting like wolves.

   The angels who announced His arrival are instrumental in our world. They protect God’s people. They minister to them.  Angels delivered the law. They were called to train human beings to rule the world. They surrounded the Father at the first creation and they surrounded the Son at the new creation.  They brought heaven to earth as they sung to the shepherds.

   While the shepherds in the fields were faithfully watching their flocks, the angels appeared and told them not to be afraid. Good news drives out bad news as light drives out darkness. With peace in their hearts they marveled and so did everyone they told.

   God has clearly directed us to go into all the world to proclaim this marvel of Immanuel, God with us in human form. We are to imitate the shepherds and the angels. We are the army called to declare that the light has come, life has come, the King has come.

   May our hearts be so full of the joy of the Good News that no one can look at us and not see the wonder of this King in our hearts.  Let us go together to the manger and partake of this bread from heaven. Come and eat God’s glory and know peace on earth and good will towards man.

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