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By Faith Moses… (Hebrews 11:23-29)

August 11, 2013 by Pito



  Faith protected Moses at his birth, led him to leave the riches of Egypt, and by faith he conquered Egypt, kept the Passover and led the children of Israel to freedom.

     When Pharoah made war against God’s children,  God made war against him. God won. We are to continue to war against the seed of the serpent for the battle has already been won, on the cross, and our calling is to mop up the defeated enemy.

    Because we love life and not death, we keep God’s’ commandments, which are life, as we manifest the love of God shed abroad in our hearts through the work of the Lord Jesus. 

  Like Moses we protect our children by loving them and by delighting in them. We lead them out of the darkness of their own hearts by faithfully admonishing, teaching and protecting them from all harm. This includes our own propensity to sin by our lack of self-control.

   Like Moses, we reject the sophisticated, death-loving  philosophy of the world. We reject the seductive attractions of Egypt and embrace their reproach rather than sleep in their beds or eat their demonic food.

   Jesus conquered Egypt on the cross. The church keeps the Passover through the Lord’s Table and your pastors and elders lead you to freedom by faithfully preaching the Word of God to your listening ears.

  Our challenge is to clearly and boldly exegete  and preach the Word. Your challenge is to not to be dull of hearing, but awake, listening intently and not be day-dreaming.

   By the grace of God, let us press on, together. Let us purpose to explore God’s Word together and to live it together so that the world will turn to the Lord and be healed. Let us partake of this meal together in peace and joy. Let us approach the throne of grace that we may find mercy and grace to help in time of need.

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