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  1. Patiently Wait (Hebrews 11:8-11)

    July 12, 2013 by Pito


    God made great promises to Abraham and Sarah, but they had to wait many years to see the fulfillment. And on top of that, it was their descendants who would actually inherit the land four hundred years later.

       Abraham was called a majestic father, but he had no children, He was called a father of a multitude but he had no children. No doubt there was a lot of snickering about this, but except for one lapse, Abraham waited patiently and did not waver is his faith.

       We believe that we will possess the earth through our descendants and so we patiently wait for it, just like Abraham. By taking Abraham through diverse trials, God was training him to take along view-an epic view of God’s plan. He would have to establish sound habits in his children so they could conquer the land and subdue God’s enemies.

       Abraham’s influence came through his witness. He refused to conquer the land with his ample military. He refused to take spoil from the kings of Canaan. We are often tempted to seize at privileges, rather than wait on the Lord for His timing. Jesus warned us that we should take the lowest position at the table and wait for God to exalt us. Luke 14:7-11.

       The faithful, patient man is encouraged by this story of Abraham. We are building for the future and even if the blessing does not come in our lifetimes, we have the joy of knowing that the reward of patient faith will be ours.

       May the Lord increase our faith as we partake of His body and blood. May He grant us the patience to wait on Him. to seize nothing but the hem of His garment by faith. May we trust that He really does know what He is doing. Pity that man who does not have Jesus as his King and Shield.

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