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Life Under the Loom (Ecclesiastes 3:10-15)

June 16, 2013 by Pito


   We here, under the sun, view life as we view a great tapestry on a loom. We see only the knots and snarls, not the magnificence of the design or the beauty of the whole. But by faith in the Sovereign Creator, we can see. He tells us all that we need to know and that is enough.

  Jesus even came and lived under the loom with us and by His Spirit is still with us here. He knows life from the underside. God gives His children the ability to be joyful in the midst of vapor, smoke and mud.

   To the vast hordes under the sun, life is imbecilic chaos because they walk by sight. If one walks by sight, then it is understandable that they should try to find meaning in drugs, music, art, power and money. None of these things, being vapor, satisfy the longings of human hearts. Only Jesus can do that and they had rather perish than come to Him.

   The bottom line is that God is in control, no matter what we see or think we see. He decided the day of our birth and the day of our death. He determines the seasons of life. He is behind bullets on the battlefield and cars on the highway and poisons in our cells. He is in charge of it all. When we quarrel and when we are at peace with our brothers. He is behind our grief and our relief. Our laughter and weeping are all from him. He gives and He takes away and gives again.

    Our words and our silence accomplish His will and no man can say to Him, “What do you think you are doing?” He never goes on vacation nor blinks for a nano-second.

  The foundation of all intelligent joy is to not lean on our own understanding but to trust Him, no matter what. He knows the beginning from the end and everything in between. We can’t even find our car keys half the time. Whatever it is, we leave home without is regularly. We fail to return things we borrow. We forget to thank those who have been generous to us. We even lose our lists of things to do.

   So seeing all this, what shall we do? We throw up our hands—in joy and have fun. We eat the fruit of our labors, we fellowship in the Spirit with each other and we look each other in the face and say, “It’s all beyond me.”

  So let us feast together at His Table and not worry about anything. Remember who is in control and enjoy this cup of blessing, because next we meet our Lord face to face and then we shall know as we are also known. Therefore, let us drink the wine of forgiveness and be glad.

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