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Yes and Amen! (Hebrews 8)

April 24, 2013 by Pito


    In Christ we have a forever priest, with His work completed, SEATED at the right hand of God in the heavens. Our Lord is the ultimate liturgy as He rules and reigns over all the earth from on high. The ministry of constant repetition (Levites) has been replaced by a once-for-all, final sacrifice(Melchizedek).

   The Old Covenant was a copy of the New Covenant, meaning that the New Covenant did not start 2000 years ago, but was operative throughout the Old.

   The New Covenant has better promises which include the internalization of God’s law and the forgiveness of our sins for failing to keep God’s law. The promises in Christ include the power to conquer our sinfulness.

   In the New Covenant, God determines to change us and the world by our speaking words of life to each other and to the lost. By our words we demonstrate the newness of the new while not abandoning the foundations of the old. Every word is, in a sense, creative, as we image our Creator in speaking the truth in power. The grace of God compels us to speak with grace, to communicate to each other by words of love and kindness. Our words must be for the edification of all men.

       On the Communion Table we see God’s “Yes” to all mankind, His Yea and Amen to the feeble notions of men. His “Yes” included us in the grace of redemption, the New Covenant bought for us by our Great High Priest. His “yes’ accomplished the forgiveness of our sins and His “Yes” conforms us to His image in the grace of sanctification. God’s Words to us are sweeter than honey and the honeycomb so that our words to each other and to the world may be a savor of this same sweetness, that in all things He might be glorified, honored and obeyed.

    Our response to God’s mercy through our Great High Priest must be “yes, we will do all that the Lord has commanded.”

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