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Maundy Thursday (Mt. 26:17-30)

March 28, 2013 by Pito

For the last two thousand years, men and women and children have never failed to fulfill Jesus’ will in celebrating this meal instituted by our Lord before His crucifixion.

Throughout the history of the Church, in times of peril and destruction, in times of being hounded to death, in times of plenty or poverty, the Lord’s Table is always there. It is here before us now, and it takes us back to Him and it takes us up to Him, to eat with Him in heavenly places.

The call to share in this Communion is the call of Christ Himself, for He is the host and we are His guests. It is as free and broad and generous as Christ Himself. We don’t come because we are good enough and we don’t refuse to come because we are too bad. Come to the Table then and your needs will be met.

By partaking of this meal we are pledging that we will love our neighbors as ourselves, that we will live at peace with all men, that we will cast aside all bitterness and malicious talk, that we will feed the needy, clothe the naked, visit the widows and those in prison, that we will lay down our lives a living sacrifice for others. We do this willingly because Jesus lay down His life willingly for us.

The family dinner is a reflection of this Eucharistic meal, the meal that welcomes all members of Christ to the Table. This Supper overturns all table fellowship that would exclude the lowly and puff up the high and mighty. And in overturning such table fellowship, the gospel overturns all such social order and establishes the Church’s social order as the true order.

Jesus said, “Do this in remembrance of me.” The Lord’s Table is here before us. Let us ascend up into heavenly places to sup with Him and He with us. Our husband calls us so let is respond in faith and thanksgiving

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