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The Triumph of Humility (Mt. 21:1-17)

March 24, 2013 by Pito

Jesus came into Jerusalem heralded, not the rulers, but by the common folk. They understood more about the Kingdom than any of the elite.

In keeping with His humiliation, Jesus rode on a donkey, not a white horse. There were no trumpets, no keys to the city, and no chariots of state. Jesus, the owner of the whole universe, even had to borrow an animal to ride on.

In the midst of all this humiliation, he was faithful to be sure the animal he borrowed was returned to the owner. Even the donkey was a fulfillment of the Scriptures, in detail.

Everything that happened to Jesus was according to God’s plan and so it is for us. Although that plan may appear to be arbitrary and capricious at times, let us not for a moment think that it is so. God’s plan for you is grounded and rooted in the eternal love of the Holy Trinity. Everything fits His purpose for your salvation. God declares that He His plan for you is good and not evil, that you might have a future and a hope.

According to the plan of God Jesus emptied Himself as He took the form of a servant, in his birth, life and death, subjecting Himself to the law, enduring the indignities of the world, the temptations of  Satan, the infirmities of the flesh, being betrayed by Judas, forsaken by His disciples, scorned and rejected by the world, condemned by Pilate, tormented by His persecutors, and having conflicted with the terrors of death and the powers of darkness, He felt and bore the full weight of the wrath of God. He laid down His life an offering for sin, enduring the painful and shameful, cursed death on the cross.

Like the lowly crowd, we bring our praises to the King. We lay down our lives at His feet as we obey His commands, as we worship together, as we raise our children in the fear of the Lord, as we take dominion over all things for His glory, as we eat His body and drink His blood each week. Through all these things we enjoy the victory Jesus accomplished on the cross.

And we sing with the Jerusalem crowd, “Hosanna to the Son of David, Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord.”

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