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Grow Up! (Hebrews 5)

March 7, 2013 by Pito

In Hebrews 5 the author rebukes his readers for not being able to teach, for needing to be taught the basics, and for needing milk and not solid food. They were not mature enough to pass judgment on sticky situations of controversy or applications of wisdom. Like Adam, they were seizing the fruit without having the experience or the training to make good decisions.

Being able to discern between good and evil takes a lot of time and a lot of patience. Are you still on milk or are you able to digest solid meat? What are some of the signs of maturity in the Christian life? If maturity does not infer perfection, what are some signs by which we may judge ourselves?

A mature Christian has stability in knowledge, a biblical knowledge that keeps him from being tossed to and fro by the winds of doctrinal goofiness. Forcing ourselves to see the big picture by learning and submitting to the whole counsel of God fences us in for our protection.

A mature Christian has stability in discerning right and wrong. Mature Christians have come to understand their own flesh, the temptations of the world and the devil and to know what is sin. They have their senses trained to sniff it out when it is about.

A mature Christian learns from God’s wisdom the difference between what is significant and what is not. We must not strain at gnats and swallow camels. Church members who cannot distinguish significant issues from insignificant issues are used by Satan for the destruction of the peace of the Church. These are dishonoring to the Lord.

A mature Christian believes the Lord. We must trust Him in the good times and in the hard times. This is the stability of faith. Our faith is not to ebb and flow like a wave driven by the winds. Faith is a constant aspect of the Christian’s life.

A mature Christian has a stable character. Even in and especially in the storms of life, he is a blameless, sober, a patient man, walking in humility, without guile and without self-deception.

A mature Christian’s prayer life reveals his maturity. He realizes that walking humbly with the Lord is a confession of his sin. He realizes that being thankful is the habit of his life. As he sings his way to the heavenly City, he is offering the praises of his heart. Prayer is more than a few timed hours out of his week. His whole life is a prayer to God. All this does not eliminate verbal prayer; it undergirds it as the mature Christian remembers  to supplicate for his friends even as he meditates on God’s law, day and night. This is how we obey the command to “pray without ceasing.” Our life is to be our happy, thankful, humble, petitioning prayer. May God grant us all the stability to walk as mature Christians, laboring in God’s vineyard and bearing much fruit to the glory of God.


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