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Supremacy Establishes Victorious Responsibility (Hebrews 2:5-9)

February 4, 2013 by Pito

In the church and in the world, a vision for future victory is belied by pessimism, anxiety, shame and despair. The book of Hebrews has the balm for all of these and more. Because of who Jesus is, we may talk about the “world to come,” the world in which we live, with great confidence.

Because of our sin in Adam, we are crippled in our ability to exercise our God-ordained dominion mandate. This impotency is healed in Christ. God is bringing His church to maturity and as He does, the world will be transformed. Not only do we as individuals have a glorious future, the whole world has a glorious future, but there will be no fruition apart from Christ.

How will God bring all of this to pass? How will all the nations come to  bow the knee and confess Christ as Lord? It will not come through political rearrangements of Congress Critters or Executive Orders. It will not come through food stamps or full employment. It will come through the preaching of the gospel from the pulpits of our churches. It will come through men leading their families in the statutes of the Lord, loving and sacrificing for their wives and their children. The bottom line is that it will come by men and women conquered by the cross and our Lord says that the “zeal of the Lord will do it.”

As we grow in our understanding of the gospel, and as we grow in our knowledge of what Jesus came to do, we will grow up into His image. Jesus came to save the world, not just 19 or 56 people. Because of the promises of God, we can sing “Glory, glory Hallelujah, His truth is marching on,” and we are not talking about the War of Northern Aggression. Jesus has won. Jesus is winning and we are in Him.

The church must not place her faith in what she can see but in things hoped for. She must have a conviction of things not seen. Our world is so corrupt and wicked it is hard to see God’s truth marching on. In order to purify the church, God may have to put us in a situation similar to that of Job. Do you think Job understood what God was doing to him? It is clear from Job’s testimony that he did not, at least initially. Are you ready for God to show His love to you by doing to you (for you) what He did to Job? If he does, do you think that you will continue to walk by faith?

God calls us as He has called His people, the Church, throughout history, to count it all joy when we are tried and tested. Because all things are from the Lord, we should be thankful for all things. Our individual trials should not keep us from trusting that God is putting all His enemies under His footstool. On the contrary, they are part of His subduing of all things.

Let us glory in the promises of our faithful God. Let us partake of Christ that our hearts be strengthened, that our faith may increase, that our joy be multiplied and our faithfulness established on His sure promises of victory in this convoluted world.  He came to save the world and He will do it.

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