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Murder No More! Exodus 21:22-25

January 19, 2013 by Pito

While the masses vainly opiate that the abortion of a child is between the “mother and her doctor,” we bring a charge against the fathers.  Fathers, who are supposed to provide and protect their children have been legally excluded from the decision and they are not sorry about this. Too many fathers have chosen to op out, wilting under the sneers of ridicule for actually being responsible for the children of their folly. Abortion is the most drastic form of fatherlessness. Until the church makes significant progress in the thinking of the fathers of our nation, through the preaching of the gospel, we can’t expect much change on the human level. Since God has not given the state the jurisdiction or the power to change hearts, God must do it through the Church.

Since God is intimately involved in the actions of men in history, we can expect that He will turn the hearts of the kings as He wishes. We are assured in Scripture that no one will get away with anything.  God is not mocked. If men refuse to establish justice, God Himself will do it. We see this in the great redemptive act of the Exodus, as God relieved the oppressed and destroyed the oppressor, Pharoah and decimated Egypt. Through Christ, the Greater Moses, God crushed the head of the Serpent and set up a kingdom which shall never end, relieving the oppression of sin and death that hangs over all men. Our God will not ignore the shedding of the blood of innocents.

As we battle those who sacrifice their children to Molech, we are to use the tools God has provided. Four such tools are prayer, for the promotion of life and imprecatory prayer, calling upon God to destroy these wicked murderers, not out of vengeance or bitterness, but out of a zealous heart for the glory of God. Third, we must give every effort to pollute their idols by showing pictures of aborted babies and such. We expose the “right to choose” into a disgusting thing, which it is. Truthful exposure of deeds of darkness is a strategy of defilement. Fourth, we must be willing to give of ourselves, our resources, our time and money, to promote life.  We can do this by supporting agencies that serve families in a crisis pregnancy situation. We can provide diapers, wipes, formula, etc. for women and their babies. We can offer truthful information and tangible assistance to women and their families who are facing a crisis pregnancy.

Let us purpose to not be silent, to not be passive, to not be forgetful of the helpless little ones, that we will not stop defending life until all the unborn children are protected, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen!

As we come before the Lord each week, we recognize that we have been delivered from the oppression of sin and death. We have been given life, twice over. Our King reigns. Justice will prevail. Of the increase of His government and of peace there shall be no end. Hallelujah!

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