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Adultery Is King (II Samuel 11)

September 18, 2012 by Pito

Because David had already demonstrated his sensual lack of control for years, he easily committed adultery. Small sin not plucked out by the roots often leads to full blown idolatry. This corrupt seed sown long before had gone unchecked. It now began to bear bitter fruit. There is no chapter in Old Testament literature more tragic and full of solemn warning than this. Wandering eyes, take heed. You have been warned. The same kind of ruin comes from adultery today. We think about all the children who go to bed without daddy because of all the unjust wars around the world, but far more children go to bed every night without daddy in the house because of adultery.

It wasn’t that David wanted Bathsheba so much. It was that he was not satisfied with what God had already given him, and that was immense. God had just confirmed His covenant with David, promising that of his house, his kingdom, there would be no end. What ingratitude! What an insult to the faithfulness of God! Yet, we do it too. We murmur and sin and complain and sin, just like David. God’s blessings can easily become a curse for discontented people. David tried to cover his sin-an impossible task for we can hide nothing from God-by murdering Uriah, the Hittite. The Lord says, “Be sure your sins will find you out.”

In this story we see that David committed the sin of Adam. He took forbidden fruit after God had given him all he needed and more. In our culture there is plenty of forbidden fruit displayed for our consumption. But why would we want it since God has provided for His people abundant wholesome fruit for the taking?  From every tree of the Garden we may eat. Jesus gives us His flesh and His blood, the fruit that leads not to shame and guilt but to joy and holiness. Eating this fruit leads to eternal life, to the throne of God, to the face of our Lord Jesus, to the peace that passes all understanding. Let us eat by faith and be filled for our calling to make disciples of the whole earth, that they too may eat and be filled unto eternal life for the glory of God.



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