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David’s Worship Wars (II Samuel 5,6)

September 4, 2012 by Pito

After 15 or so years of pain and difficult preparation, David was finally crowned King over all Israel. Like Jesus, he defeated all the enemies of Israel and ruled with wisdom and grace. David defeated the arrogant serpents called Jebusites and set up his headquarters in Jerusalem, Mt. Zion. Unfortunately, he continued to multiply wives (and rebellious children) which brought him much trouble. David handled his trials better than his successes.

When presumptuous men tried to return the Ark to David, one of them named Uzzah touched the Ark(a forbidden act) and God struck him down on the spot. For a while David was confused over this but then he realized that they had gone about it all wrong. God had prescribed in the law that it was to be carried by the Levites on poles, not on a cart by the sons of Abinadab. They found out that creativity in worship was deadly. Uzzah’s error in thinking had disastrous results. Also see Leviticus 10. Wrong-headed worship does not please God and is harmful to the entire Church. Cuidado!

As the ark was parading to Jerusalem with much singing, many instruments, shouts of joy and thanksgiving, David began to dance in the dress of all the other men, a linen ephod. Michal, his wife, was not pleased that he had set aside his royal robes and was acting like a commoner. David pointed out that he was dancing to please the Lord, not her or anyone else. Because of her critical sarcasm, she was barren of children all her days.

The Lord calls us to dance before Him in humility and joy. He calls us to rejoice with those who rejoice. He calls us to worship according to the “law and the testimony,” not according to our own imaginations. May we heed His call because the Son of David has conquered all our enemies and has brought everlasting peace to true Jews, those who are circumcised of heart.


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