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Rebellion Is As Divination (I Samuel 28)

August 1, 2012 by Pito

When confronted by a massive Philistine army, Saul, the rebellious king of Israel, was greatly afraid. He wanted some reassurance from God that he would win the forth-coming battle, but God was silent.

When Saul didn’t receive a message from God through a prophet, nor through the Urim, nor through dreams, he decided to consult a medium, a woman who might bring him a message from Samuel, from the dead. To her surprise, Samuel came and confronted Saul with the same message he gave him before he died. “The kingdom has been taken from you and given to your neighbor, David.”

At this point a depressed Saul became a distressed Saul. Samuel told him that he would be killed on the very next day. Saul was already weak from not eating and now this!  The woman then convinced Saul to eat a meal.  Here is Saul, the king of Israel, eating at the table of demons. He was feasting in the house of the dead, consuming a counterfeit Passover with a witch. This Passover was of no benefit to him, but it did open the door for David, the true Israel, to come up out of Egypt (Philistia), and to establish God’s kingdom in the Promised Land.

All of this pictures the Son of David who also came up out of Egypt and became our Passover, establishing a Kingdom that has no end. When the Father sees the blood of the Son of David on your doorpost, He will pass over you. Let us resolve to keep the Feast with joy and thanksgiving as we pilgrim to the world beyond in hope, based on the truth of God’s Word.

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