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  1. David Spares Saul, Again! (I Samuel 26)

    July 28, 2012 by Pito

    David, knowing where Saul and his army were, went with Abishai, his assistant, to prove again that David was not out to murder Saul. During the night, when Saul and his army were in a God-induced deep sleep, David crept in and took Saul’s spear and water jug.

    Abishai tried, unsuccessfully, to get David to let him spear Saul to death with Saul’s own spear. David resisted this again, telling Abishai that it would be wrong not to trust God to take care of corrupt Saul when God was ready. David knew to seek “first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things would be added unto him.”

    Realizing that David could have killed him, Saul “repented,” again. When Saul invited David to return with him, David said no. David wanted to give Saul more time to prove his “repentance.”

    What really got to David was the realization that he might have to flee to a pagan country, far from the Temple and far from the people of God. Read Psalm 84 to witness such longings in the heart of David.

    We see just the opposite today in the church. According to a survey by George Barna, a surveyor of religious opinions, Christian young people are forsaking the church in droves. Children of millions of Southern Baptists and other denominations  are being brought up in the nurture and admonition of the state. Our country is being run by Nabals. Godless college professors are decapitating any vestiges of Christianity left in the heads of Christian young people. Can our children take fire into their bosoms and not be burned? While David loved the church and God’s people, people today are leaving the church for other lovers. Sadly, the children of Israel still love the culture of Egypt and do all they can to return there. And just like their spiritual forefathers, they are all dying in the dark wilderness of their own deceitful hearts.

    The Church is the Bride of Christ. May we love her as Jesus does.

    David refused to take vengeance. He trusted the Lord to destroy his enemies. May we do the same. Read Psalm 37 for the whole scoop.


  2. Married To A Fool (I Samuel 25)

    July 26, 2012 by Pito

    God, in His mercy, gave both David and Saul a visual aid in the story of Nabal. Nabal was well known as a fool. Saul was supposed to learn from the story of Nabal that he, Saul, was acting like Nabal in the way he was treating David. Unfortunately, he didn’t get it.

    At Carmel, God taught David that he would one day be the king and rule over all the land of Israel. David humbly learned from Abigail’s wise conduct and counsel. She prevented David from thinking he could build his kingdom by shedding the blood of his own people which included the foolish ones like Nabal.

    Ladies, if your husband is railing like a Nabal against God-ordained authority, you must go to higher authorities for a resolution. This higher authority would be your pastor and/or elders. Railing is complaining violently, speaking bitterly or protesting strongly. Foolish husbands can ruin you and your children. Protect them by being as wise as Abigail. Even a Christian husband has limits imposed on him by God.

    In Adam we are all fools, so let us be wise and run to the True King for the resolution of our foolishness. Let us seek His face for protection and mercy. He is a wise and merciful God who does not impute to us what we deserve. He is justified in being angry with us for our foolishness but instead of pouring out His wrath upon us, He poured it out upon the Son of David. Thanks be to God!

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